La Pecora Nera, a luxury Bed & Breakfast in Tuscany, just minutes from Volterra.

Insegna del nostro B&B a Volterra

Welcome to La Pecora Nera, a luxury small bed & breakfast with a poetic soul, a passionate heart and Tuscany all around.

The spirit behind the creation of our bed & breakfast is the same with which we welcome you. We want to make you feel unique and special, to pamper you and be attentive to all your needs, surrounding you in a relaxing, refreshing, elegant and authentic atmosphere.

We believe that inside every person lies a world of emotions. The body and soul are one. If the pursuit of wellbeing and the need for new experiences fuel your desire to travel, discover places and experience pleasurable sensations, La Pecora Nera Bed & Breakfast will be able to make your wishes come true.

Volterra, for discovering Tuscany.

We are situated in the heart of Tuscany, just a few kilometres from the Etruscan city of Volterra. La Pecora Nera lies in the small village of Mazzolla and blends harmoniously with its surroundings, within a site of considerable historical and natural interest. It stands on a hill looking out over the vast Val Di Cecina on the one side, and the Valdera area on the other. As beautiful as a postcard, Volterra can be admired from a window. In the background, the sound of the sheep bells ringing while the sheep graze in the fields all around will gently wake you in the morning.

Elisa and her dream of an original B&B

To brighten your stay, there’s me, Elisa: the slightly crazy landlady, who fulfilled her dream of a 100% original B&B, with the help of an architect friend and several craftsmen from Volterra and the surrounding area. La Pecora Nera is a place that reflects my personality and my desire to express my openness towards art and all things different. Each room is the result of a meticulous design geared towards green building through the use of eco-sustainable materials and techniques. Created from the reconstruction of several rooms of an old convent that belonged to the village of Mazzolla, the bed & breakfast has preserved, respected and enhanced all of the building’s original features.

The bedrooms and the perfection of the number three.

Eva, Frida and Eleonora are the three main bedrooms: three women with three different stories where love and determination are the underlying themes. The objects, colours, materials, furnishings, bricks, exposed wooden beams and all the little details speak for themselves, their stories spark emotions.
Our guests can perceive the meanings and messages that each feature in the room expresses, interpret them and enjoy them according to their sensitivity and imagination.

During your stay in Tuscany and Volterra, at La Pecora Nera Bed & Breakfast you will experience a journey of the senses that will take you beyond the boundaries of time.



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Visit our organic farm Fattoria di Lischeto, only few miles away.

In our farm we produce organic cheese, pasta and extra virgin olive oil.

Our guests, on request, can use the swimming pool of the farm where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside.

La tavernarestaurant is located on the ground floor of our old farm (late nineteenth century) completely renovated. It a warm, rustic and convivial place, with large tables. Our customers enjoy a 10% discount.

Farm visits, workshops and tastings of typical organic products. One of the workshops we recommend is “Cagliando s’impara!” (Learning from curdling) where you learn how to make cheese, from the various phases of its production through to the final tasting (on request and at extra cost).

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